Ubuntu 12.04 and udev… weird….

I jumped the gun and updated to 12.04 a few weeks ago. Everything’s great and I’m somewhat settled in. I like how the screen toggles now to an external monitor when connected via HDMI automatically. However, I realized that the sound profile still doesn’t toggle with it. No biggy; just had to edit that old script I had earlier and add the udev rule.
However, after testing, I realized it wasn’t toggling automatically; I’d plug in my hdmi cable, check the sound profile via sound settings, and it’s still stuck on my laptop speakers! Was it my script? Couldn’t have been; I tested it and it did change the sound profile. My only guess was udev.

udevadm monitor

I checked to see if I messed up my udev rule. Now here’s where things get weird. As I monitored udev, my script magically worked! But after I closed out the terminal, it stopped working… I’m confused… I need to look into this more.